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1000's Of Engines Shipped During Our 30 Years In Business

Bay Area JDM Engines Used

Prices for Honda engines for sale in the Bay Area are listed on this website. For a person who is ready to make a purchase, knowing just how much to pay is a huge help. Because many OEM parts websites do not list the condition or mileage of a block, consumers are often at a…

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JDM Engines in Ashland, VA Sale Prices

Ashland, Virginia consumers buy JDM engines here online. As one of the top import vehicle components sources in North America, inventory is acquired each day from Hanover County suppliers. Leading companies that are on the East Coast and West Coast are the main distributors that provide all of the used condition JDM engines in Ashland,…

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D16Y7 Complete Engine Used

The Japanese and USA version of the D16Y7 motor was introduced to the auto industry in the 1996 year. The Civic was one of the automobiles that received the improved 1.6L block. While some people initially believed that the 106 horsepower rating was too low, the performance boost in each of the four cylinder valves…

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Used Honda C35A Engine

Honda built the C35A engine in the year 1996 for placement into Legend and Acura vehicles. This SOHC block is part of the V6 offerings that were available until the 2004 year. As part of the C class builds, the 3.5-liter is known for its balanced operation. On this website, a person buy a used…

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2JZ Engine for Supra Cars

The 2JZ GTE engine was used in Toyota Supra cars between the 1992 and 2002 model years. The popularity of this block still continues especially on the secondary market. Many people who own used JZA80 vehicles or similar search for a replacement 2JZ engine for Supra cars when a block has failed. In order to…

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D15B Engine for Sale

D15B is one of the engine codes used for Honda vehicles in the JDM auto industry. The Japanese production of the 1.5-liter block is regarded as top notch by users of import vehicles. When someone makes the decision to swap out a used model, choosing the right dealer is one of the important tasks. A…

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Honda B18B Engine Used

Honda made an update to its B18 engine used in the Integra vehicle series starting in the year 1994. Two different versions of the block were produced. One for the Japanese market and one for the American market. In order for someone to find the correct build, a single stamp of the code without an…

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Used Acura C32A Engine

The C32A code refers to the engine used in Acura vehicles between 1991 and 1995 in the USA market. This SOHC edition was one of the first pro-American creations for the Honda company. One of the features that people appreciate the most about this block is that it fits into the coupe and sedan cars…

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