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J30A Engine for Sale

The J30A motor found its way for sale in the 1997 Accord. This Japanese block was one of the largest V6 builds made for Honda vehicles. Keeping in line with the SOHC design, the J-series builds were able to be placed into the Odyssey and other vehicles. Anyone can take home a used J30A engine…

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H23A VTEC for Sale Used Block

Manufacturing in 1998 led to the H23A engine in VTEC form at Honda. While based on the infamous H22 block, there were some clear differences. Only offered in Japan, this modified build is sought after by tuners and car restorers globally. Because stock here is imported, regular people can pay less for an H23A VTEC…

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B20B Engine for Sale

Honda put out its B20B motor for sale in 1996. The CR-V was the vehicle that marketed this build in the USA. What is interesting about this edition is that it is non-VTEC. Unlike the Civic and other successful cars, variable timing is not included in the 2.0-liter series. The JDM edition B20B engine for…

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F23A1 Engine for Sale Used

The 2.3L Honda F engine hit the streets in 1998 for the Civic brand. This platform was the main design used until the 2003 year. The sedan series including the Acura brand promoted the F-series editions. Right here at JDM Pros, anyone can buy a used F23A1 engine for sale online. Specs for the F23A1…

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D17A1 Rebuilt Engine On Sale

Honda D17A1 engine blocks can be rebuilt to like-new condition. The 1.7-liter displacement was introduced globally in 2001. The Civic was the first automobile to receive its improved motor across its trim levels. At JDM Pros, a D17A1 rebuilt engine is always for sale. To get a quote in price, submit a request on this…

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Used 420A Engines for Sale

DSM manufactured the 420A engine to be used in the Talon, Eclipse and Breeze vehicles. While there are other cars that feature performance blocks, few have lived up to the reputation of the D or PJ platform automobiles by Chrysler. Starting in the year 1989, consumers were able to buy the front motor mounted 2.0-liter…

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Japanese Import Engines in Dallas

Dallas is one of the cities were import Japanese motors are shipped to courtesy of this JDM website. Brands such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota and Subaru are found when researching all tools presented to users of this portal. Some of the very best prices for Japanese import engines in Dallas, Texas exist in the…

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4G63T Engine for Sale

The 4G63T is an engine built by Mitsubishi used in JDM cars. The Eclipse, Galant, Talon and Laser are a portion of the total vehicles that relied upon the 1997 cubic centimeters of the 2.0-liter base. Through decisive engineering and electronic tooling, the used 4G63T engine for sale inventory promoted on this website is useful…

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