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Quality Rebuilt JDM Motors and Transmissions

1000's Of Engines Shipped During Our 30 Years In Business

Mitsubishi JDM Engines for Sale

The engines built by Mitsubishi do include JDM versions. Some people might be familiar with Diamond Star Motors (DSM). This was the corporation setup between American based Chrysler and Mitsubishi in the USA. The agreement was to sell the Eclipse and other automobiles globally. There are popular Mitsubishi JDM engines for sale on this website.…

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Suzuki Vitara Engines for Sale

The Suzuki Vitara is one of a number of vehicles with multiple names and variations depending on where you live in the world. It was first introduced in North America in 1988 as the Vitara. It’s also known as the Suzuki Sidekick by many people. It’s global market is huge and there is an assortment…

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Honda D16Y8 Engine for Sale Rebuilt to OEM Specs

Honda put its D16Y8 engine on the market for sale in 1996. This edition was the replacement for the Y7 block launched in 1990. Fans of the D-series motors will know that VTEC is normally associated with 1.6-liter displacement blocks. To get the most out of a swap, a steal of a price for a…

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Honda JDM Engines for Sale Rebuilt or Used

Good condition Honda car engines for a sale price are found here. Too many people make a mistake when ordering second hand products online. It can take a decade or more to establish a relationship with a supplier or distributor. We have mastered importing. People who shop here pay less for JDM Honda engines for…

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J30A Automatic Transmission for Sale

The Honda J30A engine and transmission are on sale here daily. We are the top JDM importers selling on the Internet today. The infamous V6 power behind many Honda automobiles was complemented by the very sale J30A automatic transmission that is for sale on this website. Do not leave here without getting a direct quote…

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Mercury Villager 3.3L V6 Engines For Nissan

Mercury Villager was launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1993. The minivan was one of the concepts that Ford put together to compete against General Motors. The Villager had a V6 engine that was actually made by Nissan. This V6 engine was used prominently in the Pathfinder in the late 1990s. Our Mercury Villager…

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Rebuilt KA24DE Nissan Engines for Sale

The KA24DE is almost a clone of the KA24E. The only change is the cylinder head. The KA24E is a 3-valve per cylinder SOHC that’s actuated by rocker arms, and the KA24DE is a 4-valve per cylinder DOHC with a shim-over-bucket valve actuation. to purchase a crate KA24DE Nissan Engines for sale call the experts…

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New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale

Not-so-popular cars doesn’t mean bad cars, and the Subaru SVX is a good example. This vehicle was produced as a mid-sized coupe between 1991 and 1997 and represented a new direction for Subaru, namely the production of a luxury car that also had some muscle and above average performance. New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale…

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