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Honda D15B Motor for Sale

D15B refers to the Honda 1.5L engine used in Civic and other vehicles. This block type is known as the “D” series build that was first introduced in the 1988 year. First built as a single overhead cam version, the long block design has gone through several changes. A person hoping to buy a D15B for sale from JDM Pros will find a good price here online.

1.5L VTEC or Non-VTEC

Depending when a block was produced, it could have different features. The first edition was a 1.5-liter carbureted motor with a 9:6:1 ratio for compression. These were found in the early 1990s Civic and DelSol vehicles in the American and Japanese market. These editions work well with the 5-speed manual transmissions built during this time period.

The D15B block was upgraded in 1997 to feature more improved technologies. The carbureted fuel system was updated to a multi-port design. This was due to the invention of the VTEC platform. The variable valve technology required a change to the compression ratio. All P08 head code editions are VTEC enabled are have a 9:3:1 ratio.

OBD I and OBD II 1.5L Honda Motors

When a person goes to swap out a motor inside a Honda Civic, it is best to know which block type is compatible with automotive diagnostic standards. The early 1.5-liter D15B editions are OBD I. This means that after 1997 technology was enriched to feature OBD II. For models produced between 1999 and 2005, the second phase on-board diagnostics can read Honda error codes.

The late model CRX uses a variation of the 4-cylinder “D” series block from Honda Motor Company. The JDM Pros company offers an immediate price locator tool for all Honda D15B for sale on this portal. This offers one of the simplest ways to find out the cost of conducting an import car engine swap.

Quotes for Honda 4-Cylinder Blocks

Using the location system provided here, anyone can match a VIN number to a particular engine block in the company inventory. When someone is trying to estimate the cost for a D15B camshaft for sale, it can be a good idea to get a price on the entire crate motor. This resource is one of the only available in the USA that supplies pricing from the top domestic salvage yards that are drop shipping import automobile car parts to consumers.

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