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J30A Automatic Transmission for Sale

The Honda J30A engine and transmission are on sale here daily. We are the top JDM importers selling on the Internet today. The infamous V6 power behind many Honda automobiles was complemented by the very sale J30A automatic transmission that is for sale on this website. Do not leave here without getting a direct quote in price.

Gearbox for Accord Cars

The 1999 and 2000 Honda Accord that featured the 6-cylinder engine also had the J30A gearbox. For a person comparing the price of a swap, it helps to know what can be ordered. Questions like: “is a J-series automatic transmission any good” or “who has the cheapest prices for a used J30A auto tranny” are common online.

Honda did manufacture a 5-speed manual version. These were found inside of Infiniti cars. Most tuners and people who restore their own vehicles hope to find a low mileage preowned gearbox. The units that are on sale here at JDM Pros are certified and ready to ship.

Cheap Honda J30 Transmission Swap

There are sellers in Texas, New York, Ohio and in Bay Area California that retail versions of the J-series Honda transmissions. One problem faced by consumers is MSRP. The sticker prices are all over the place. What most companies hide is the real condition of inventory. A price might appear to be a good deal, but problems or total failure are likely imminent.

We try our very best to save people money. The cost for our inventory 20% less than the cheapest companies on the Internet. We are also fair when it comes to shipping costs. We work with freight specialists to deliver VTEC and non-VTEC compatible transmission assemblies nationwide.

Long-Term Warranty

It is a sad fact that many retailers provide a 30, 60 or 90-day warranty. This is just enough time for a component to fail. A bad torque converter or a bunch of P-codes can wreck a new installation. We offer a long-term warranty plan that is great for most consumers. Our in-house experts overhaul and inspect every component before well sell a unit.

We also provide plenty of customer support. We answer calls daily. Our e-mail inbox is constantly watched. No one who needs help will feel alone. Our good reputation is part of what is provided when someone places an order on this website.

Order J30A 4-Gear Assemblies

We use a quote form to provide an accurate price. Most people are amazed at how low we can go. The destination will affect the freight costs, but we are very fair. Using any smartphone, tablet or regular computer a price is displayed quickly here.