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Rebuilt JDM Engines and Transmissions

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Integra B18A1 Motors for Sale

Honda made many VTEC and non-VTEC motors that were put into Civics and Integras. The Acura Integra is just as world famous as the Civic and delivers much of the same performance. While you can argue about the slight differences all day long, one thing you can’t deny is the quality. We have Integra B18A1 motors for sale that fit right inside of any early 90s Acura. Both tuners and JDM car lovers appreciate what this 20 year old engine can do. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a JDM engine finding one that works just as good as the B18A1.

You may or may not know a little about JDM motors. We buy these Japanese motors direct from our distributors overseas and they arrive in bulk. We literally buy them by the container full and have a huge supply. If you haven’t heard, we are probably the largest JDM dealer on the Internet. There are many sellers, but few can match our low price and warranty that comes with every Acura engine. We do a lot of things awesome and our low price, warranty and engine quality as just some of the awesomeness that we give you.

Low Mileage Integra B18A1 Engines for Sale

Don’t be mislead by other dealers because you have heard that all JDM motors have low miles. They don’t. The first question that we are asked by our customers before they purchase our engines is about the mileage. We can’t always find the ones that are 10,000 miles and under, but a lot of the time we do and we sell them pretty fast. We try to keep our mileage less than 50,000 and often times it is way lower than that. You get a great Integra motor for a cheap price. Along with our low price we include our standard 36-month warranty. We want to be sure you are protected against defects or OEM part failures.

One thing you will not see on a lot of JDM engine seller websites is the freight costs or the speed of delivery. That is usually a clue that they are just a middleman and do not really have the engines in stock. We do. In fact, we ship out every order as soon as the order is placed to make sure we can deliver the engine in around 3 business days. We contract with expert freight companies that move our engines from place to place without damage. We also don’t hike up the shipping cost. What we pay is the same price that you pay. We make money on engines not the shipping cost.

Immediate Quotes for Integra B18A1 Engines for Sale

We use a quote system to maximize our time. We can’t answer thousands of emails that say “How much is ___?” Just use our form and your price is immediately sent to your email. We welcome your questions. We are real people selling real JDM engines. You won’t be disappointed in our price or service. It only takes a minute to get our price.

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